Why do I need a Dewalt Laser Levelling Tool?

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Professional construction work or home DIY regularly needs accurate measurements when levelling surfaces for ceiling panels or fitting cupboards. Even hanging wallpaper requires an accurate vertical plumb line. Outdated weighted lengths of string and spirit levels that relied on a trained eye have long been replaced by a new generation of laser controlled tools that guarantee an accurate levelling line when working on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. And with Dewalt laser levellers you’re sure of reinforced, tough tools that deliver high-quality, professional results at all times.

Dewalt DW088K Cross line Laser

This pocket-sized laser level has all the convenience you’d expect from a high-quality Dewalt tool. Weighing just 0.46kg it will keep measuring for at least forty hours from three AA batteries providing reliability throughout every project. For sustained accuracy it can be fitted to a tripod and it can also be fixed to a metallic surface through the inbuilt magnetic pivot. The class 2 laser measures across both vertical and horizontal lines up to an interior distance of 10 metres. With an additional detector it can measure accurate lines up to 50 metres. An automatic self-levelling capability with a range of plus or minus 4 emits a straight line in just seconds. A simple operating system is through two control buttons.

Dewalt DW089K Multi Line Laser

A convenient size of 14.5cm x 13.5cm x 8cm and a weight of 0.8g makes this powerful leveller easy to stow away in your tool box. Twenty-five hours of usage is provided by four AA batteries. There is a three button operating system and three laser beams for increased accuracy in measuring sides in addition to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Fine line movement for sides and vertical lines can be adjusted through a dial adjustment feature. The accuracy of the leveller is plus or minus 0.3mm/m. It has a distance limit of fifteen metres which can be increased to fifty metres when used with a detector.

Dewalt DCE089D1G-GB Multi Line Laser

When you need a self-levelling laser tool with premium capabilities for measuring vertical and horizontal lines this is an ideal model. It has a larger size of 45cm x 31.7cm x 15.5cm and a weight of 43.5g. The casing is particularly robust with an impact resistance when dropped of up to two metres and the internal mechanism is protected by a pendulum system. There’s a laser read out limit of thirty metres which can be doubled when used in conjunction with a detector. A lithium ion battery supplies 10.8v of power for optimum reliability. Three self-levelling lines have 360 degree capability and an accurate measurement of plus or minus 3mm/m. There is a three button operation and three laser beams. A manual mode has a variable blink mechanism and there’s a full time mode for maintaining brightness. Data Power Tools have a full range of Dewalt laser levelling tools.

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