Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Installed Carpet

Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Installed Carpet

Most flooring experts will tell you that carpets are usually replaced every 7 to 8 years, some are replaced because homeowners choose to renovate their premises or redesign their rooms, but most are changed due to degradation, they just aren’t properly maintained which ultimately leads to their demise. The following tips will help you increase the life cycle of your carpet to ensure it looks clean and fresh well into the future.

Leave your footwear outside > In most Asian cultures, it is discourteous to wear your shoes while inside, most people are accustomed to removing their footwear if they enter another person’s home or place of business. Conforming to local customs is important if you visit other cultures, but removing your shoes before entering a home is great for several other reasons. Dirt and mud get attached to the soles of your shoes and when you wear them indoors, whatever is stuck to the soles gets on your carpets. It not only makes a stain, but grinds away at the fabric and base, adding to the destruction of your new carpet.

Soil and muck from outside also affect the colour of your carpet, it covers up the natural colours,and makes the carpet look old and worn. Even after you hoover or clean the surface of the carpet it still looks dirty, this is because you’ve let the dirt scratch away the carpets fibre.

Regularly vacuum your carpets> You don’t have to invest in the most hi-tech hoover on the market, as long as you purchase a middle of the range machine which is used on a regular basis. The carpet won’t clean itself, and buying a state of the art hoover which sits under the stairs for the best part of a 6 months is a sure way to destroy your carpets. In order to maintain your carpets, you must maintain your vacuum cleaner, make sure it has new bags and the suction force is as strong as the day you bought it. Why waste your time visiting multiple flooring stores across Sydney, choosing a carpet, having it installed, only to completely neglect maintenance. Get the hoover out as much as possible to help sustain your investment.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned > From time to time it is advisable to have your carpet professionally cleaned, you may be able to contact the store where you bought it and see if they provide cleaning services. A professional cleaning crew will have your carpet spotlessly clean in a few hours and this will help to maintain the look of your new product. You also have the option of hiring out a carpet cleaning machine if you don’t mind doing a little extra manual labour.

By following some of these simple steps you can drastically increase the longevity of your new carpets, they are an expensive item to install so why not take steps to maintain them. Regular hoovering is also a great way to burn off some excess weight while going about your daily chores.

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