My Flat Roof is Damaged and Needs Professional Repairing – What Should I Do?

My Flat Roof is Damaged and Needs Professional Repairing – What Should I Do?

If your roof is in need of some repair work, the very first thing that you must understand is that you really should get it done as fast as possible, before it gets any worse.


  • You might even be thinking that any roof repair work is an easy DIY job that most homeowners can carry out by themselves up there on the top of the homes!
  • Although realistically, most will be more than a little reluctant to try it on their own.

If you think you can indeed do it alone, make sure that you know precisely what steps you need to carry out, and wandering around up there on a roof is not everyone’s idea of fun!

As a matter of fact, a professional roof repair job can be cost-effective and with the peace of mind knowing that it has been done by experts.

Working Out How Big the Job Will Be

  • The first thing you must do is find out if the repair work can be done by yourself.
  • If the roof is not old, wind damage or faulty design may be the cause of your problem.
  • Winds do not have to be at hurricane speed to do damage to roofs.

Strong winds with gusts of 50 mph or more, are enough to pull on shingles, loosen fasteners and tearing adhesive loose.

If it is a Big Job, It’s better to leave it

  • But not to get worse!
  • Should the problem have to do with bad design, it really is not in your best interests to try doing it alone.

If you do repair the roof, but can’t repair the problem, it will happen again, in which case contact and consult with professional roofers who specialise in flat roof repair in Leicester. They can come to properly examine your roof and get it expertly repaired.

Common Problems Regarding Design are:

  • Weak support structures not strong enough to support the roof’s weight
  • Not enough drains (which causes water to collect on the roof)
  • Not enough care taken during construction for expansion and contraction in the decking.
  • Any of the above will with time eventually to roof damage.

Maintenance is Important

  • If you have an older roof, the roof problem may just have come as the result of everyday weather conditions.
  • And remember that a certain amount of upkeep is required to keep your roof in good condition, just like many other things.

If care is not given, roofing materials can begin to degrade, which will then allow for the likes of moisture and dirt to get into the home.

Get it Properly Seen To

  • At the end of the day, the most important thing to think about regarding any type of repair work are pretty simple.
  • No matter what the leak, it’s best to wait until any bad weather passes before trying any repairs.

And if that repair job looks too difficult, just call in professionals, it’s as simple as that.

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