Give Your Furniture A New Look? Here Are Tips!

Give Your Furniture A New Look? Here Are Tips!

Did you have your interior? You can give your interior a new look by tapping up your old furniture. Read useful tips on old furniture.

  • Old furniture is refurbished all the time. With a little bit of handy, you wander your old furniture or nice afternoons, which you can tap on the head for a good price. Because go to a shop for a coffee table , you will pay for that. If you know how to refurbish old furniture, you can complete a piece of furniture in a few hours. In this article we are already helping you out.

Treating wooden furniture step by step

A wooden furniture is a beautiful eye-catcher in an interior. However, over time, the glory of the wooden furniture can be reduced. You can simply return your wooden furniture to its shine by following the following steps.

What was the furniture treated with?

Refurbishing wooden furniture often has a lot of value. Therefore, it is described here step by step. In advance, it is important to know what the wood is treated with. Do this by applying a drop of turpentine to the furniture. When the drip makes the wood blank, it means your furniture is treated with an oil or wax layer. All other cases concern lacquer, varnish or police.

Handling furniture: Step 1 – Remove old layers

– Remove all locks and iron plates from the furniture.
– Remove an old wax layer with a steel brush.
– Washbasin wipes you off with laundry remover.
– Remove old paint with a stripping agent and brush. Wait for a while until you can scratch the old layer with a scratch or knife.
– Remove a lacquer layer with a sanding machine when the layer is too stubborn.
– Make sure you go with the wood of the wood.

Treating Furniture: Step 2 – Cleaning

– Once the old layers have been removed, you can clean the wood with water and ammonia or acetone (with oak, nuts, mahogany and beech).
– Make sure you do not use too much water when cleaning!

Treating furniture: Step 3 – Put the laundry in the laundry

– Bring the laundry with a soft brush or cloth.
– Use rotational movements.
– In case of fragile wood it is necessary to apply multiple layers.

Treating furniture: Step 4 – Wash after treatment

– Allow the furniture to dry for a night.
– Then rub the furniture with a soft cloth.

Handling furniture: Step 5 – Put the furniture in oil

– You can also refurbish a wooden furniture with an oil spill; use teak or linseed oil for this purpose.
– Apply the oil to a cloth and follow the nerve of the wood.
– You can finish the oil with a lacquer so that the furniture is more resistant to scratches.

Furniture give an antique effect

Antique furniture is charming and can be true eye catchers in your interior. The disadvantage of such an antique piece is of course the price. But if you know the technique, you can give both old and new furniture an antique look.

Give your furniture an antique look

Vale colors, butsen, paint that has been drained; Many people see this as an addition to the appearance of the furniture. Certainly if you like brocante and antique. The layers of lacquer, wax and paint ensure that the furniture gets its own character, so the piece of furniture comes alive. Much more character than a new painted furniture.

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