Choosing Your Garden Fence

Choosing Your Garden Fence

The types of garden fencing available on the market are substantial, with a range to suit even the most specific of tastes. The right garden fence is not only the one that affords you the desired level of privacy but also complements the rest of your garden.

If you’re struggling to decide which type of fence might work best in your garden, keep reading and we’ll provide an overview of the different types available.

The Picket Fence

An age old classic, the picket fence is best characterised by the type of fencing you would see in an old western film. Whilst not providing much in the way of privacy or security, the picket fence provides a clear demarcation of your property and the adjacent roadway and pavement.

The picket fence is only usually erected to the front garden with homeowners preferring more privacy to the rear of their property.

  • Due to their low height, picket fences are easier to erect than a typical full height fence.
  • Picket fences provide a great boundary and enclosure for small children and small animals who otherwise might be able to get out of the garden and onto the pavement.
  • Your average picket fence usually costs anywhere between £20 – £25 per panel.

The Closeboard Fence

The closeboard fence is a great option for all those requiring security and privacy to their rear garden. Depending on arrangement, the closeboard fence usually requires a specific type of notched post to facilitate installation so bear this in mind.

The average closeboard fence is just over 6ft tall but you can of course vary the height to your needs. Do also bear in mind that there may be restrictions in place regarding the height of fences installed to your rear garden so check before making a commitment.

  • Only suitable for rear gardens due to their height.
  • Great for both security and privacy as there are no gaps between each panel.
  • Ready-made panels are usually around £130 each with the gravel base boards required around £15 each.

The Lap Panel Fence

The traditional lap panel fence is the most common type of garden fence you will see installed within any garden across the UK. The lap panel fence is the easiest to install for beginners and novices to DIY so is a good choice if you want to have a go at fitting the fence yourself.

Similar to the closeboard fence, this fencing solution provides a great option for those looking for both security and privacy whilst maintaining a traditional design.

  • What some would describe as a rustic look.
  • A standard panel size of 1.8m x 1.8m which come in at around £20 each.

Find Your Fence Supplier

Whether you would prefer a traditional fence or something a little more ornate, you are sure to find something suitable. Garden fencing in Oxford can be bought from several suppliers who can either supply you with the materials for you to erect yourself or complete the job on your behalf. Simply approach a fencing contractor and arrange for a quotation.

A new garden fence doesn’t need to be difficult to install or costly to purchase with the right help at hand.

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